Tavern Kanižela

A pleasant ambiancepervades our tavern Kanižela which is within the villa and is the spot for enjoying local gastronomic specialties and homemade wine next to the „komin“, a traditional open fireplace. Original interiors bring to mind the Dalmatian kaletas–old macadam alleys which give you an impression of being in a small Mediterranean town with aspirit of hospitality.
Prepared following traditional recipes, spit-roasted lamb as well asfree-range chickens (pulestri) and turkeys roasted under traditional peka stove are specialties that we offer in our tavern. The lambs are raised exclusively on local free-range pastures. We invest our knowledge and effort to create a warm welcoming feeling to our guests.
There is room for up to 28 people inside the Tavern, therefore we reccommend it for more intimate and private parties, such as birthday parties, baptism receptions, etc. or for simply hanging out with your loved ones.